Our services
  • Light design

    We provide light design service for interior and exterior purposes. Our professional team of designers will suggest You the conceptual design of lighting for your needs – according with the latest trends.

  • Light calculation

    In parallel with the light design, a team of professionals is taking care of the amount of light required for particular purposes and this is where the light calculation is born.

  • 3D rendering

    With the conceptual design of Your space and the light calculation, we offer a 3D render to show the final effect of the suggested lighting fixtures.

  • Lighting control

    In the past 5 years the trend is digital lighting control for energy savings and increased user comfort. In this segment, we offer professional solutions for Your needs.

  • Electrical material

    A team of experts in the field of electrical material will offer you complete solutions for your needs as household and industrial applications.

  • Customer Support

    Once the installation of our products is completed, we offer full support to customers and users in terms of technical advice, spare parts and product maintenance.

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